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Customize Your Order

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16 x 20 in

acrylic on paper


  • 1 Pet Only
  • choose background color

16 x 20 in

acrylic on canvas


  • 1 Pet Only
  • choose background color

22 x 80 in

acrylic on canvas


  • 1 to 3 Pets
  • choose background color

30 x 40 in

acrylic on canvas


  • 1 to 4 Pets
  • choose background color

My Works

Samples of Work

My Works

Pet Painting from Photos

Paintings - Dog Wall

I love to paint both dogs and cats. These are great as gifts or a perfect way to have your best friends always looking back at you.

Paintings - Cat Wall


Just 4 Easy Steps!


4 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Select Size & Medium

In the section above, select the size and medium.

Step 2 - Tell me about your pet

Select the background color. Upload your pet's photos, and tell me about your pet.

All pets are painted sitting, facing forward, even if you cannot provide a photo of your pet in this position.

Step 3 - Tell me how to reach you

Provide your shipping and billing info so I can contact you.

Step 4 - Make a payment

Place a 50% down payment. The balance is due when shipped.

My Promise - I will keep you up-to-date

  • You will get your painting in about 4 weeks. (You can expedite your order for an additional 25%.)
  • You will get an email confirmation of your order.
  • In about 2 weeks, I will have the painting almost complete. I will send you a photo of your painting for review and approval.
  • To keep your painting on schedule, I must hear back from you within 3 days.
  • When complete, I will charge the balance, email you a photo of your painting along with the tracking number of the shipment.


What others say



Georgia, Thank you so much for the portrait of Roman. You are a fantastic artist - Thanks so much! -


Georgia, Thank you for the wonderful work you did on the portrait of Nikki. I don’t know it the gallery told you but I literally squealed with delight when I saw the portrait. I don’t know how I’m going to wait until Christmas to give it to David. -


Georgia! She’s beautiful and I love it. Thanks for all your time and energy. -


Dear Georgia, I love the painting of Zoey and Bunny! You got their markings perfectly. I hope you put the painting on your web page. -


Georgia - Thank you so much! I love it and I know my husband will be so happy when he sees it! -


Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, I earned my Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Tennessee in 1984. I've been painting pet portraits for over 20 years and love it.
Yes. I can get your portrait to you in 2 weeks for an additional 25%. Other orders I have will not be delayed. I will work extra to get expedited orders done.
Not at this time.

You will get a photo of your pet's portrait when it's almost finished and will have an opportunity to ask for changes.

Plus, I have fun when I paint! My paintings are whimsical. Plus, I love dogs, cats, and other pets. I take pride in learning the unique characteristics of each pet and take time to make sure each painting accurately reflects my subject.

I currently don't frame pet portraits. There are many great frame shops around. Ask around and find a great local shop to frame your portrait.
The deposit is non-refundable. If you are not happy with your pet portrait, I will do my best to fix issues you are not happy with. I've done over 500 pet portraits and have been painting them for over 20 years. I never have had an issue where I could not make the buyer happy. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with your pet's portrait, I will keep the painting and you will not be charged the balance.
I use high quality acrylic paints on fine quality canvas or archival paper. Acrylic paint dries quickly and do not need varnish.
No. People are a whole 'nother animal.

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